Xilinx rtl schematic not updating

I have created an array using type and assigned it to a signal. i am doing code using VHDL FPGA the code content 3 part first one VGA and second one is rom code and third draw image one is save of image rom display vga and get he problem Error (10621): VHDL Use ...I'm trying to make a Blink-LED program for a Lattice Mach XO3L breakout board.I've tried adding the package as a file using the import wizard and tried ... However, when I run "Synthesis" and then select "Report methodology"... To provide sequential logic in design with VHDL I have to use process statement, which has sensitivity_list.I need to read a file in VHDL but there is an error: "Line 57: Readline called past the end of file mif_file" impure function init_mem(mif_file_name : in string) return mem_type is file mif_file :... But when I compile my code I get "Illegal concurrent statement" error. I get the following list of Bad Practices: TIMING-17 TIMING #1 ... I wrote a simple code to sum bits of a vector together. From different sources I know, that sensitivity list is non-synthesizable construction, i.e....PS: I'm using verilog code and schematics in my project if that affects anything.Except as stated herein, none of the Design may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted, or transmitted in any form or by any means including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Xilinx.

The ISE Design Suite also offers a-la-carte tools to enhance designer productivity and to provide flexible configurations of the Design Suite Editions.I do not know why in the simulation, the result of sum will not be reset to 0 at the beginning of the process and it ... I am unable to identify the VHDL constants in the FPGA after synthesis. I need to simulate the design by following Manner: Injecting the Design(VHDL) Entity Inputs. After Post synthesis I am able to identify my logic in the netlist. I am trying to create a self-testing VHDL testbench in which I need to true or false status (1 or 0) to the command line/shell that is calling the vsim commands to convey the overall pass/fail status ...I have some Filter coefficients in BRAM those coefficients need to be written into an array to perform convolution.

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Xilinx recommends Vivado® Design Suite for new design starts with Virtex®-7, Kintex®-7, Artix®-7, and Zynq®-7000.

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