Who was k michelle dating that beat her

Yes I grabbed her and held her arm down from hitting my a– again, and she was screaming and screaming. ’ After the whole police thing, I just stopped talking to K. I told her in front of the police, ‘I have never been in the same room with a female and the police at the same time, and this will be my last. It came from God […] What I’m saying is, when you got to me, you were very pretty, but once we started doing that thing I was saying, we were talking what should we do? I’m the only b-tch on this label.’ I’m apologizing to people and I just got tired of apologizing to people. […] I grabbed her, grabbed her arm, I’m tired of taking a thousand swinging punches from a girl.She did claim, however, that she was hit with a water bottle, and had carpet burns from crawling.Other topics were covered in the deposition including her plastic surgery, alleged threats via text message, and more.\u003cem\u003e Trick Mirror \u003c/em\u003eisn't the first book -- and won't be the last -- about this generational shift, but its scope, intelligence, and infectious personal voice ensures that it ought to be seen as one of the best.

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