Who is percy harvin dating

There hasn’t been any shortage of sordid NFL love triangles of late.

Golden Tate wants to make sure his name doesn’t arise in the discussions.

Percy and I did have a confrontation, yes, but no punches were thrown, and it certainly never rose to the level that was erroneously reported by certain outlets.

Percy Harvin revealed in a Sports Illustrated story that in addition to his unending migraines, he also has dealt with an anxiety disorder for much of his life.

Living back in Gainesville, Fla., where he rose to stardom with the Florida Gators, and both helping to raise his 5-year-old son and serving as something of a mentor for current Florida players, Harvin opened up about his mental health struggles, in the hopes that he can help others. His migraines are well-known; he describes them as, “take a hammer and beat it on the side of your head nonstop.”The constant pain and the anxiety meant Harvin played nearly all of his NFL games on little to no sleep.“The best way I can describe it is that I felt ‘out of body.’ My heart would be going, I’d be sweating, I felt like everybody in the room was looking at me,” he said. He won’t blame his anxiety disorder for his outbursts, and mental health professionals SI spoke with said anxiety and emotional outbursts aren’t usually related.

Referring to reporter Michael Mc Knight as “Bossman” throughout their time together, Harvin said he didn’t miss football last year, the first time since he began playing at age six that he wasn’t on a team.“This whole journey has been surprising. Nearly a year ago, he gained split custody of his son, Jaden, with Janine Williams, a former Florida volleyball player Harvin had dated on and off for years; the week he moved back to Gainesville, Gators coach Jim Mc Elwain was fired. Dan Mullen, who had helped recruit Harvin to Florida and was the Gators’ offensive coordinator in 2005. A following-the-universe-type thing.”Once one of the most explosive players in college football and the NFL, Harvin now seems to be enjoying his role as a mentor.be“He’s young enough that our players have seen him play; they’ve seen his success in the NFL,” Mullen said.

But..if Harvin stayed healthy and happy in Minnesota?

The former Seahawks receiver and current Lion took the modern-day, Derek Jeter-approved route of writing a personal essay on the Web, taking to The Cauldron to air his (mostly media-related) frustrations.

In a refreshingly honest, head-on manner, Tate denies vicious rumors he slept with Russell Wilson’s ex-wife, Ashton Meem, whom Wilson was married to from 2012-14.

Harvin either was suspended for the year or missed the rest of 2012 due to injuries, depending on what story you believe.

When the season was over, he was traded to Seattle for a first and third round draft picks, less than a month after GM Rick Spielman famously said ‘we have no plans to trade Percy Harvin’.

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