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James and Laura planned to marry on May or early June 2005, but the engaged couple could not work on their relationship due to some unsolved differences.

In addition, her other TV series credits are A beautiful affair, Luv U, The Good (Read more)….

“The Laura Ingraham Show”, is ranked in the radio's Top 10 chart, and is heard coast to coast in 225 markets.

While that may signify success to many, Laura did not reach the peak of her career until she made her first appearance on television as a CBS commentator. Laura Ingraham is considered to be the most listened to woman in America on political talk radio.

” Ingraham has also written a series of books; the most recent one was named “Of Thee I Zing” and it was released on July 12, 2011.

The book was a collection of humorous anecdotes meant to point out the decline of American culture, from muffin tops to body shots.

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That's plunging all the way to the ground, those necklines, and no wonder why people are -- people give them a couple of -- a couple of glances.

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