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Shortly afterward, CBS, along with PBS and Bloomberg, suspended Rose.

Gayle King offered a defense of sorts for Charlie Rose on Thursday morning, saying that she still considers him a friend and questions the need for the Washington Post’s new report detailing 27 additional accounts of sexual misconduct against the disgraced newsman. “You see these allegations, you hear the stories and it just makes you sick all over again.” Also Read: 27 New Women Accuse Charlie Rose of Sexual Misconduct: ' I Want You to Ride Me' King, however, was clear to draw a line, saying that Rose’s actions were unacceptable and that it was important to make sure that all women’s voices were heard. “What I’ve said previously still stands true, and bears repeating now: women will only achieve equality in the workplace and society when there is a full reckoning and behaviors change.

The other thing I notice on these reality shows: You can be as crazy as you want. You can, like, throw furniture and look certifiable and you still get paid for appearances.

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In one instance from 2003, Rose pressured an underage intern, Corrina Collins, into drinking so much wine that she became drunk and threw up.

He later groped her and asked her to “ride him.” The piece also revealed several instances throughout Rose’s career where superiors brushed off complaints against him.

But also because I’m on “The Real Housewives of New York City,” and that’s what people want to see.

They want to see the hats and the shoes and the cars, and that’s what we give them.

“Since we terminated Charlie Rose, we’ve worked to strengthen existing systems to ensure a safe environment where everyone can do their best work.“When the story first broke, I said Charlie was my friend. I know that’s probably not the politically correct thing to say this moment, but I don’t believe in abandoning friends when they’re down,” said King on the set of “CBS This Morning.” “I don’t know what more we can do to Charlie Rose, except a public flogging. There is no excuse for the alleged actions of my former co-host,” she said. “To know that women were hurt and that they’re saying the things that they’re saying.” On Twitter, King’s co-host Norah O’Donnell released her own statement on the matter.Sonja (who claims that she has .5 million in assets,) filed for bankruptcy last November, citing .8 million in debt. She doesn’t explain why her marriage to John Adam Morgan went sour (he’s 33 years her senior, but she says she had daddy issues,) telling : “He was a good husband, and he was a great lover.Morgan says that the debt comes mostly from mortgages set up by her old-monied ex-husband (80-year-old J. In the next six to eight months, hopefully we’ll have a follow-up interview, and I can say . It was an excellent marriage, and you wouldn’t believe the story if I told you why it went wrong.” Right now she’s linked to a hot artist named Brian Farrell, but like many Real Housewives (and many women,) she’s also possibly dipped her toe in The Lady Pond.

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