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Word Press developer and Codeable expert Daniel Klose explains: Your child theme 'stores' all of your customizations so that, when the theme provider releases a newer version of the theme you're using, that parent theme can safely be upgraded but the custom functionality you're using will remain in place. While updating parent themes is simple, updating child themes isn't as easy as that.

If not upgraded properly, an update to a child theme might wipe away the custom edits made to it. Child themes are usually created either by the site owner or a developer who's been hired to add some customization to a theme.

Neglecting updates make your website susceptible to security threats, performance issues, and also you miss the chance of taking advantage of functionality your competitors are using. Before we start, you should know that each time the word "update" pops up, it should trigger its perfect companion word "backup" in your mind.

Specifically, you should never start any update procedure without having first a current and working copy of your site and database.

On a higher level, you should also be aware that some major releases might replace some of the functions your plugin is using or, simply discontinue old ones, and those can break the custom functionality they're used by to a different extent.

This could pertain to either a properly coded plugin as well as to a poor one.

In most cases, a child theme isn't usually "receiving" updates for this reason.

These are either written into a child theme (as we've seen above) or into a second custom plugin.Think of child themes for the Genesis framework, those are perfect examples of child themes provided by third-party developers. When child themes are provided as products, the third-party developer will release updates that might delete your customization if implemented right off the bat.To avoid this hassle, the best practice your developer should follow is to pack all the customizations you need into a custom plugin which will then be installed on the premium child theme rather than applying them to its file by directly editing them. Following this approach puts the edits in a separate "place" that can easily be taken apart, the premium child theme can then be updated (if needed) and the changes can be then applied back to it by installing such custom plugin.So it's better to know what the best practice looks like to both prevent the loss of your customization and/or understand whether the developer is a good one.When it comes to updating Word Press plugins with custom or extended functionality, you should be aware that the process is quite different.

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Plugins don't offer the possibility to create a "child plugin".

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