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You might think that because you see some decay on the surface of your old windows, you should throw them out and install new ones. Underneath the surface of some scuffed-up wood, the rails and stiles that make up your old windows could be perfectly fine.A simple test will determine if this rot is superficial or systemic. Your old windows are made with old-growth wood that took decades to grow. Unfortunately, there isn’t much left of this old wood.Now, with the advent of new materials and innovations these old windows can become even better.In the winter months, exterior storm windows, paired with interior sashes, create a double insulated window that keeps the cold air out and the warm air in.A much better choice is to get your old windows working properly.Once this has been achieved, your house will be well insulated and you will maintain the architectural integrity of your home.

When properly maintained, these windows worked very well.

Your old windows have worked well for about 100 years.

With a little TLC, they can be saved and will last for many, many more.

While this system seems to provide some benefits, we believe that the negatives may out weigh them.

First, filling the weight pockets with insulation doesn’t really provide any significant energy savings.

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  1. The project is being supported by the Wolf Administration through the Neighborhood Assistance Program, the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, and the Community Development Block Grant.