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The docker way is not anymore running "zypper update" in the containment but to update the whole image in the image registry (hub docker if we are talking about public registry) and then pull the image update from there, stop the outdated containments and replace them by starting new containments based on the new image.

This process breaks our current security update workflow since our workflow is based on running "zypper update" at the host, or in this case, in the containment.

Thus, what we need is a way to update the images in the registry when there are new RPM updates.

When we talk about updating RPMs, we have to make a distinction of 2 cases: The idea of the project is to make use of the "Remote Build Trigger" feature in the public registry "Docker Hub" [1] to trigger automatic builds of containers which need to be rebuilt.

The upsides are: Alternatively, you could obtain the source tarball for Samba, install to /usr/local, and remove all Samba RPMs in favor of your compiled version.

================================================================================================================================================================= Package Arch Version Repository Size ================================================================================================================================================================= Updating: vim-X11 x86_64 2:7.4.417-1.fc19 updates 1.2 M Updating for dependencies: vim-common x86_64 2:7.4.417-1.fc19 updates 5.9 M vim-enhanced x86_64 2:7.4.417-1.fc19 updates 1.0 M ....

The docker way of updating containers is to build a new image with the updated binaries and files, which creates a security concern.

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This time period focused on the development of our mobile app called Rep Link, which is served by the RPMSCloud API.

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