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Also, when I went to set-up TV channels using the built-in tuner, it took me a while to figure out that the tuner set-up options only appear on the set-up menu if you have specifically set the TV source to "tuner." It's a context sensitive menu that has different options depending on which input is selected.

I've set up quite a number of TVs in my time (for reviews and installations) and I found the Syntax menu to be one of the hardest to learn and get used to. The remote control is a backlit/universal model which allows you to control multiple components in addition to your TV.

These allow you to watch TV shows and movies (broadcast or cable) in discrete 5.1-channel surround via an external receiver or surround processor.

My first attempt at getting the built-in ATSC tuner to work had a bit of a glitch.

As technology advances, and electronics manufacturing facilities in China and Korea proliferate, new brands have cropped up in the HDTV market to challenge long time, well-known leaders such as Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer and Toshiba.

Separating the wheat from the chaff in these lesser known brands is the job of home theater publications like Big Picture Big Sound.

The jack-pack features S/PDIF fiber-optic and coax digital audio outputs for the built-in tuner.I'd have liked to see a second HDMI input, but if you have a home theater receiver or external video scaler with HDMI-switching then this will not be necessary.Also included are an RS232 jack (for control system integration) and a USB port to accept firmware upgrades in the comfort of your living room.I like the lit-up indicator that shows you which mode you're in (i.e., which device you're set to control), and the directional menu navigation controls are well laid out.However, many commonly used buttons are too small and uniform to make them easy to use -- a function so important as the "aspect" button (to adjust the aspect ratio of screen) is positioned in a bank of other identically sized buttons toward the bottom of the remote. If you want to switch sources (e.g., from tuner to HDMI to component input) you need to click on the "source" button on the remote to cycle through the inputs or click down into the menu and cycle through the inputs there.

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