Updating firmware for dvd players

The disc tray will automatically open upon completion of the firmware update. Re-initialize your player after the firmware update has completed (go back in the maintenance menu to do this).

The unit will shut off with the tray in the open position. 13) Turn the player on by pressing the On / Standby button on the front of the unit. Settings will then be reset back to default so you may need to change a few things back to where you had them before. Kudos to Midnight for taking the time to compile the best and most accurate instructions for how to update players for all the new HD DVD owners out there. Kudos to Cass for answering my request to make this a sticky to help all the new owners who come here.

If you're not sure, it's easy to check which version of firmware you have: We recommend this method as it's the simplest way to update. First set up the equipment, then download the update over the internet to your Blu-ray player.Think of re-initializing as a soft "reboot" where it gets things working the way they should. To do that hold the power button down for about 10 seconds and then power it back up). Excellent post yet again with very detailed info on the updates and how to do it Midnight. We really need this to be made a sticky so that we can just point to this when new owners ask questions! Thanks Midnight & Cass for helping so many people with your hard work. First off tried to update from 1.1 to 1.1 and it won't even let me do that.After reading the 'agreements' I pressed OK and it says something like 'Cannot Find Server'. I know my wireless network device works because I connect it to my Slingbox and use that all the time. You MUST burn it AS AN IMAGE file not just burn it to the CD-R disc. There is a specific burn command to BURN IT AS A IMAGE regardless of the software used, so you must find it under the submenus not the icon for burning it.You should contact Toshiba Customer Solutions at 1-800-319-6684 to obtain the correct firmware version.9) After approx 2 minutes the players front display will indicate the progress of the firmware update in steps.

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