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The examples in the later sections of this guide use Postfix as the MTA and Dovecot as the MDA and IMAP/POP3 server.MTAs are responsible for handling SMTP connections to your Linode from both outside senders and your own users.In this section, we consider the benefits and drawbacks to running your own mail server, as well as how to choose an external mail service, if you decide to go that route.If you want or need full control of your email, running your own mail server might be ideal solution.MDAs are often bundled with other mail-related applications.These are some of the most popular MDAs available: An IMAP or POP3 server handles connections from incoming IMAP or POP3 clients like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.

If you want the highest level of trustworthiness, you should purchase a signed SSL certificate from a reputable company.POP3 clients connect to the server at specified intervals and download all of a user’s messages without leaving copies on the server by default.POP3 was developed when most people used only one device to access one email account.If you do, you’ll have control over your domain’s email, but you’ll also have to deal with the hassles associated with setting up a complex environment of software.Using a third-party mail service is easier, but you’ll sacrifice control and flexibility.

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