Updating database using dataset

You must explicitly set the commands before calling event and setting the Status to Skip Current Row. NVar Char, 15, "Category Name") Dim parameter As Sql Parameter = _ adapter. For more information, see Merging Data Set Contents and Handling Data Adapter Events. So I'm only ever locking in the Save To Database thread long enough to get the changes from the Data Table, this allows the Main Thread to process additional changes to the Data Set more efficiently.My question is: is this the ideal way to have changes in my in-memory Data Set reflected to the underlying SQL Server database, or is there a built-in Microsoft technology that would make this easier and/or more efficient?And also setting parameters and the values need to be change depending on the type of the parameters.var microsoft = microsoft

An application can call the Get Changes method in situations where you must control the sequence of statement types (for example, INSERT before UPDATE).

The following examples demonstrate how to perform updates to modified rows by explicitly setting the Private Sub Adapter Update(By Val connection String As String) Using connection As Sql Connection = New Sql Connection( _ connection String) Dim adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter( _ "SELECT Category ID, Category Name FROM dbo. Update Command = New Sql Command( _ "UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = @Category Name " & _ "WHERE Category ID = @Category ID", connection) adapter.

Fill(category Table) Dim category Row As Data Row = category Table.

Note If an error occurs while updating a row, an exception is thrown and execution of the update is discontinued.

To continue the update operation without generating exceptions when an error is encountered, set the Continue Update On Error property to property of the parameter should be set to the name of the column.

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