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Is it still unclear what will take place in this session? Do not worry, sometimes it is good to jump into the uncertain. Subjects' backgrounds, including the racial composition of the ZIP code where a subject grew up and the prevailing racial attitudes in a subject's state or country of origin, strongly influence same-race preferences.Older subjects and more physically attractive subjects exhibit weaker same-race preferences.The class is hosting a “Senior Speed Dating for Companionship 65 ” event Wednesday, Nov. The event aims to emphasize that love, attraction and friendship aren’t limited to a particular age.“Older adults want love and companionship in their lives, but there is rarely a central place for them to gather devoted to this,” explains UWL Associate Professor of Sociology Dawn Norris.

Joining the follow-up event will be at your own expenses.

Is participation only open to people within the track ‘entrepreneurship and innovationin emerging economies’? Any conference participant who likes to better know the interests of other conference participants, and see whether they share similar interests, are very welcome to join.

Focus of the speed date Just talk about anything that you would like the other person to know about you and/or your research.

Speed dating allows participants to shortly talk with many fellow researchersin an informal way about what drives them in doing their research.

Afterwards, the participants will have the opportunity to follow-up with people whom they had an interesting “speed date” with. Format Even though the setting aims to be informal, there is a structure behind the speed dating.

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The speeddating will be followed by an informal event where participants can follow-up over some drinks and bites.

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