Unconventional dating

The sands will be clear prior to beach season and the weather will be warm enough to enjoy a pleasant stroll.Check out a local farmers' market and pick up the freshest produce that's in season.For another way to explore your surroundings with a fresh set of eyes, put together a scavenger hunt for your significant other.The warmer weather will allow you to finally spend long lengths of time outdoors, so get creative with an epic adventure.There's no better way to enjoy the fresh spring air than having it hit you right in the face while coasting through scenic surroundings with that special someone.If you're looking to get out of town for the whole weekend, book a night or two at a local bed and breakfast at a farm.

Frolic in the countryside beneath the sun's warming rays or wander abandoned beaches before the summer crowds.Capture your newly made memories and store them away for safekeeping until the next season or next spring.Celebrate the start of convertible weather by renting one for the day and take a mini road trip with the top down.Take on your city as if you're a tourist, exploring the tourist-only sites and documenting the day with your camera.Make sure you hit all the attractions you've probably avoided you entire time living there, and get someone to snap a pic of you two in front of all your city's hotspots.

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