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In this stage, you can still use your headphones normally while the update gets ready in the background.

In computer science, dynamic software updating (DSU) is a field of research pertaining to upgrading programs while they are running. However, researchers have developed a wide variety of systems and techniques for implementing DSU.

This is normal since Transifex checks the URL and sends out notifications whenever the URL isn't working.

If you want to further automate your localization process, you can use Transifex's API or command-line client and integrate with your build process.

Researchers compare DSU-capable variants of programs to the original program to assess safety and performance overhead.

The location in a program where a dynamic update occurs is referred to as an update point.

Because the check only happens twice a day, there may be a delay between when you update a file and when Transifex detects the changes.

The updated resource will automatically be available to your translators and reviewers.

These compilers preserve the semantics of the original program, but instrument either the source code or object code to produce a dynamically updateable program.

Ginseng's compiler will attempt to infer good locations for update points, but can also use programmer-specified update points.

Kitsune and Ekiden require developers to manually specify and name all update points.

The Bose Connect app will check for updates upon opening and connecting to your headphones.

The download icon will appear if an update is available.

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