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The Vikings supplemented their attire with jewellery and furs from different animals.The Viking woman typically wore a strap dress with an undergarment or smock underneath.Danish prehistory culminated in the Viking Age, the period from 800 until 1050 AD.

The upper classes displayed their wealth by adorning themselves in silk and gold threads from foreign parts, like Byzantium.

A strike-a-light was a curved piece of iron used to produce sparks. The Arabic diplomat Ibn Fadlan wrote that travelling Viking women in Russia wore beads of green glass.

On the chest they carried a case of iron, silver, copper or gold. The case mentioned may have been the item of jewellery that archaeologists call a concave brooch.

The strap was fastened at the front with a shell-shaped brooch.

Between the two brooches there was often a string of beads.

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