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Note: Deleting VHDs may result in errors and may require you to break the lease to recover from the issue. 3) Beware of “Temporary Disk” usage We have seen a few customers that have used the D: drive to store important data, not realizing it is temporary storage.The Temporary Storage (D:) drive is not persisted to Windows Azure storage as OS disks and data disks are.

To reuse the DNS name, explicitly delete the cloud service in the Cloud Services section of the management portal, using Remove-Azure Service from Azure Power Shell, Azure Service Delete from the Azure CLI tool, or the Delete Hosted Service API (the terms Cloud Service and Hosted Service are synonymous in this scenario). Currently, new HTML5 management portal does not list this cloud service under “Cloud Services” section if it contains a single VM.You must not use this temporary disk to store any data that you are not willing to lose.One key benefit that may motivate developers to use temporary disk is performance.Trial account users can enable pay-as-you-go, and for accounts with monthly limits like with an MSDN subscription, you will be able to deploy VMs from the existing VHDs when the next month’s billing cycle begins and the next month of usage is available.I’ve detailed this issue and mitigations in this blog post Important Note: 90 day trial is associated with various quotas documented here.

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