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The term "game show" is more common in the US today, and one reason is that producers did not want to connect new shows to the rigged shows of the 1950s.

Further, shows using quiz questions basically disappeared until the premiere of Jeopardy! Jeopardy is a TV show and also a number of different games have been developed and licensed by the TV Show.

A: About 30 million people In the 1950s, the big money shows were generally referred to as quiz shows.

Unfortunately for the genre, the quiz show scandals occurred, which nearly destroyed the entire genre.

If you use the link for previous game that will take you to the Thursday game in this Kids Week. The definition of a game show is a televised program in which contestants compete in a game for prizes.The Jeopardy Category on is reserved for the TV Show questions.Your question appears to be about how to set up an unlicensed Power Point Jeopardy game or how to play one.A: About 30 million people Which city is the capital of Nevada?A: Carson City How many people are in the state of California?

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