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For what it is, this works quite well, but the same few gestures will be reused over and over again – and sometimes they can be out right misleading.

Sprung feels like an open-ended game in the beginning but as you go further into the game you’ll notice that it is indeed very strict in what you can and what you can’t do.

You play as either Brett or Becky in two separate story driven campaigns., you simply talk to people and do your best to hook up with members of the opposite sex.I’m sorry, but there is no gay loving to be found here. All you have to do throughout the entire game is move the d-pad to highlight the response of your choosing and press A. The visuals aren’t 3D-looking or anything, but that is part of the game’s appeal.Overall, this game is really fun to play, especially the first time through when you don’t know what is going to happen and you haven’t yet realized that you have little-to-no say in who you date and when you date them.The audio and controls didn’t factor in at all to how much fun I had—I didn’t really notice them at all.

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