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As Craig fumbled for something more to say, I met Chuck, a chubby older man in his forties. Then we'd take a moment and write down each other's name and identification number and decide whether we liked each other enough for a second date. Bruce, the football stud, was leaving with an ex-cheerleader.

He actually told me he wore a red shirt just in case he spilled wine on himself. She was really pretty, with perfectly manicured nails, a Prada bag, and no visible dark roots on her dyed blond hair. For the next eight minutes, I would talk to a stranger. She hadn't had a fresh date since intermission, instead spending her time talking to a living Ken doll. Almost everyone seemed to have found someone special.

"When you're writing, it's sort of a strange thing," he explained to me. "I want to meet someone new," he said in a high-pitched Southern drawl. On the drive back to Uptown, I proudly boasted that I had gotten someone's number: Caroline's.

"Ideas just come to you and you don't really know what to go with, but then you just know." Right, Tom, right. "All the woman I meet say they aren't married, but then they are. It's not really that way." "That's okay, I was just fantasizing for a moment," Chuck said.

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Suddenly realizing I had no idea how to act single, I turned to my co-workers for help. I'm not sure what happened, but as I scanned the crowd of mostly attractive twentysomethings dressed to the nines, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't make a mockery of the thing they believed might change their lives. That's a field I should have gone into, har har har." He actually scratched his belly as he said that. I slid into an empty seat next to a girl and ordered more Cabernet.

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While speed dating had always sort of appealed to me, I never really had an excuse to go, since I have been with the same guy for the last two and a half years.

The following day we could log on to find our matches. 1: Tom had blond hair, blue eyes, and was so nervous that he accidentally broke the Mardis Gras beads that were decorating the table. Craig was snuggled up in the corner with some shy girl; Chuck was trying to look down a woman's shirt.

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