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— As I sat in the lobby of a drab office building here, waiting to be led up to the penthouse loft of Tinder, the fast-growing dating app, I noticed that every few minutes young women would walk into the foyer, dressed in flip-flops, T-shirts and tattered jean shorts, and then go through a radical transformation.Swapping out their rubber sandals for stiletto heels, they smeared on globs of lip gloss and flung on leather jackets.In season 4, she gets in a relationship with Ryan Geauxinue, a science teacher from England, but struggles with the school law that forbids administrator-teacher relationships.They break up after attempting a long-distance relationship. Towards the end of the season, Sam realizes he is in love with former schoolmate Diane, and breaks up with Jess, noting that Jess still harbors feelings for Nick.Midway through the season, she and Nick are getting along when they spontaneously kiss in the episode "Cooler".Towards the end of season 2 she lands a job as a substitute teacher at Coolidge Middle School. After several episodes where they try to figure out what their relationship is, they agree to become a couple in the season 2 finale."[She resembles] my 13-year-old self." Deschanel added that Jess will explore her lost youth after she is dumped by her long-term boyfriend."I have to find a new support system, so I'm basically living my 20s as I approach my 30s," she explained.

In her mid twenties, when Cece moved to Los Angeles, Jess followed her, and got a job as a school teacher.

Jessica Christopher "Jess" Day is a fictional title character in the FOX sitcom New Girl, where she becomes the sole female roommate in an apartment loft in Los Angeles. Speaking of the show Zooey Deschanel claimed that her character in New Girl resembles a younger version of herself.

She said "I think Jess as a person, and the way that her personality is, has some of myself and especially some of my younger self," she suggested.

During their game a brief flashforward reveals that she and Nick will eventually have a son.

Deschanel has received one Emmy and three Golden Globe nominations for her role on the show.

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Tinder wouldn’t share the exact number of people on the service, saying only that it was on par with other social networks at two years in operation.

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