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Meanwhile, the show shut down immediately and all the show employees were promptly laid off.The attack could have easily ended Roy Horn’s life – but instead, he survived.Animal trainer Chris Lawrence worked with Siegfried & Roy’s show.Even though it was a freak accident, Lawrence blames himself for the terrible accident that happened during the performance.Mantacore was waiting to jump up onto Horn's shoulder to get a treat, and he told the tiger "no" repeatedly."Then Mantacore went on top of him.

The current relationship status of Siegfried Fischbacher is not known. "And the way how it always worked was we challenged each other."The pair became one of the top grossing acts on the Strip for more than a decade.Siegfried and Roy were masters of magic who shared a stage with some of the rarest and most beautiful animals, and, Siegfried told ABC, there had been no incidents with them -- until 2003."Only that one.“I actually talked Roy into using the tiger that would ultimately maul him and end the most successful stage show in the history of Las Vegas.” Lawrence described the tragedy, saying: “What Roy did was, instead of walking Montecore in a circle, as is usually done, he just used his arm to steer him right back into his body, in a pirouette motion. By Roy not following the correct procedure, it fed into confusion and rebellion.” The huge animal reacted aggressively and pursued Roy Horn, mauling him practically to death.But despite his near-fatal wounds, Horn was insistent that no harm should come to the animal.

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