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Patient positioning is important to prevent blood pressure changes or nerve damage associated with abnormal position.Patients are also monitored for pulse rate, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.The procedure for sedation is usually explained to the patient by an attending clinician.An IV access line is set in place for fluid replacement and injection of medications.Benzodiazepines (common sedative medication) have a cumulative effect.This means that if the patient has not had time to metabolize the previous dose and ingests more, then the sedative effect may increase.

Usually procedures for conscious sedation do not require preoperative or pre-testing orders.Newer forms of diazepam (Dizac) are chemically improved to lower the possibility of vein irritation.Age and physical health are important risk factors.In patients with preexisting lung and/or heart disease, these medications should be monitored closely or not prescribed.The future of anesthetic care involves the simultaneous administration of several drugs including IV medications and inhaled anesthetics.

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