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Ru Paul told of marriage: "No, I don't stand on ceremony, I never want to conform to anything. Follow Marie Claire on Facebook for the latest celeb news, beauty tips, fascinating reads, livestream video, and more.

Georges Le Bar is an Australian rancher, artist and an author who rose to prominence for his relationship with the uber-famous Drag Queen, Ru Paul Andre Charles.

His husband, Ru Paul, is a model, actor, singer, author, and TV personality and best known as the producer and host of the reality competition series .

Ru Paul, in one of his interviews, said the pair are devoted to each other in the relationship. However, after more financial discussions about getting a tax break, the couple changed their minds and ended up taking the huge step into marriage at a private ceremony.

Our Georges Le Bar wiki has everything you need to know—from Georges Le Bar’s net worth to Georges Le Bar’s age and how met his adoring husband—we’ve got it all, right here. They met on the day that Le Bar was celebrating his birthday but it was just last year that the pair decided to say “I Do.” In fact, it was on the same day that they had met each other 23 years ago. I’ve never said it before.”Especially as a celebrity in the public eye, love tends to fizzle among Hollywood’s elite. Just look at how adorable they are on social media!

Rupaul and Georges Le Bar met each other the first time at the Peter Gatien-owned chain of nightclubs named The Limelight. Proclaiming his happiness on the occasion of getting married, he said, “You know what? Pictures span the years of their life and the time they’ve spent together; you can really see how much they’ve grown, just as their love has. Well, Ru Paul is reported to be 57, but there are no reports confirming if Le Bar is older or younger than his husband.

Due to the nature of his celebrity husband’s job, the couple reportedly only get to see each other about every few months.

Although Georges Le Bar is originally from Australia, he currently resides in a ranch in Wyoming with his spouse.

Despite the difference in interests, the couple seems to have a happy life together.

There are no visible conflicts between them yet and if decades of their union is anything to swear by, the chances of the two separating are very slim.

While most people became public figures for several reasons like politics, innovations, and film & television career, others like Le Bar become famous for their relationship with celebrities.

George Le Bar doesn’t seem like one who enjoys revealing much about his personal life, as a result, he chooses to mostly stay out of the spotlight.

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