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We know nothing about this person, besides a not-so-slick pick-up line or cheesy one-liner, yet we swipe right if we're attracted to the photos we see (if it's even them).” -Meg, 24“Today's 'modern dating' scene lacks the chance for people to connect based solely on their actual characteristics and non-physical qualities.Most Tinder/Hinge/Bumble stories I hear involve a guy messaging a girl to ‘come over,’ versus ‘Hey! Want to meet for dinner sometime so I can get to know you better?Picking up a phone seems like such a foreign concept and the idea of actually romancing a woman seems to be long dead as well. I just want to be courted and romanced like men used to do.I can't remember the last time a man called me or actually made nice date plans other than ‘Wanna hang out or get drinks? ” -Julie, 28“I hate that sex is basically expected right out of the gate.I don't think it had to be something complicated but I see clients and friends definitely struggle.The downside of more options to meet and connect means that there are more opportunities for miscommunication and misunderstandings.”So if you’re trying to field the sometimes very rocky road of modern dating and find yourself frustrated and about to give up, take some comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

The power is back with someone else.” -Rachel, 27“The apps i find the most useful, but at the same time the most frustrating.

I'm sure some men may say this about women as well.” -Maria, 41“I really really wish men would get their head out of their asses and out of their phone and approach more women in public.

I feel like there is no social aspect left in dating.

Or go see a gallery opening and get drinks (which could be 100 percent free if you do it right).

Or go to concert and get drinks (also could be basically free, if you choose the right venue).

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