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Even if a person seems to meet all your criteria and they appear to be someone you could take home to meet your family, you're still wasting your time if they're not ready for a commitment, whatever the reason is.

Some people go around with a bumper sticker saying, "Happiness Is Being Single" -- and they really mean it.

From then on, there's no way to make your question sound casual, and their responses will be at best guarded, and at worst calculated to be the "right" answer. What you're looking for is to learn whether someone's had long-term relationships in the past and whether or not they're close to their family -- both are indicators of someone's general inclination toward longterm commitments. Just start with a little self-disclosure: "I don't get to see my family as much as I'd like -- didn't you say your folks live in Chicago? " What they answer will give you some early clues about how they value family relationships.

Even if a new person passes the Commitment-Mindedness checks and you feel intensely attracted, keep your head.

The idea of the checklist is to find these things out BEFORE you're madly in love, so that if the answers are turning up negative, you can get out without a broken heart. Lend him or her a book and see if it's returned without you having to ask.

It's all too easy to fall for a cute face or a sexy body and wind up with a time-waster, or in crazy love, or even in a bad marriage.

And if "The Pitfalls of Cyberlove" have clouded your judgement before you even meet the other person, you're in even more danger.

If he or she doesn't check out, you've saved yourself a world of misery and heartache; on the other hand, if he or she checks out okay, you still must find out why they weren't more forthcoming with you.

If you choose option B, you might want to confront him or her in the presence of a relationship counselor.

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