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For all people with Gold card , write down your securtiy numbers if its not to late yet. UPDATE: MA announced: There is currently an issue preventing participants with the Gold Card security system from logging in to the Entropia Universe client, as well as the Entropia Universe account website.If you use more then 3 unsucessful tires you loose the sync to EU. Thank you for your patience while our technical team works to resolve this issue. im just a bit curious how they will fix the mass unsync from all the gold cards.For more information on how to add 2 factor authentication to your account, visit Stay Connected: Entropia Universe Push Notifications Entropia Pocket will ensure you receive the latest Entropia Universe system updates.Push notifications will be distributed to all app holders when important information is available.Welcome to Little Big Mining Log LBML (Little Big Mining Log) will help you track your claims and mining runs.It will record your drop locations and the claims you find.

I try to keep this post up to date UPDATE: MA is working really hard on it but before the patch tommorow is released we won’t can log back.

Entropia Pocket updated with:1) Entropia Universe News tab.

A clear and easily accessible page with News feeds from the webpages: Disturbance message (if any), Support news, Version Update, Entropia Universe news and Planet Calypso news.2) A notification folder for received messages over Push notification3) Direct link to tutorial video directory at You Tube.4) Possibility to turn off system sound in the Settings tab.

28/10/2011 Patch v0.9.2.0 Little Big Mining Log gets vocal: - She will read you all her stats - Added setting to disable auto screenshots - Added setting to disable the display of claim timers - Claim Timers will now be automatically depleted once you finish excavation - Screenshots will now be saved in folders by type/year/month/date - Tool will no longer take global screenshots if you dont enter your username - fixes disabling of global screenshots - fixes autodepletion error for "," decimal separator - fixes remote server returned an error: (417) - removed (417) fix and added communication repetitions to help 408 timeout error 21/10/2011 Patch v0.9.1.0 Adding the ET integration: - Added the possibility to feed ET with chat data and gather ET gift credits - Updated the map of Calypso with the new 3 areas - thanks Corey 'Onciest' Wray - Added a selector for .png/with quality for screenshots of Globals - Removed the unnecessary map Render loops to improve performance - Minipatches that fix the update process should take you up to version 16/10/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.9 - New Release with Statistics: - Added Statistics window for Claim Depth Distribution - Added functionality for Auto Capture of Screenshots for Globals, HOF, ATH, Discoveries and Skill Unlocks - Custom Delay settings for Auto Screenshot Capture (500ms default) - Added Timers on map for undepleted claims showing the time left for extraction - Added a bindable key setting for Depleting of closest claim to stop the counter - Tool windows will now remember their position and size (also a config setting) - Fixed color coding of Arkadia Claims - Fixed scanning of Tower Claims - Added additional help for 304 login error 10/08/2011 Patch v0.8.2.0 Fixing the Auto Update Process: - Fixed issue affecting Windows XP users - Fixed updates done to the update program We kindly ask all users to redownload this full version and we apologize for any inconvinience and downtime post version 0.8. "#FFFFFF" for color coding your claim deeds and player and drop colors.

We hope all issues are resolved now if not please let us know at [email protected]/08/2011 Patch v0.8.1.0 Fixing the Auto Update Process: - Added seperate executable which will deal with downloading and upgrading the software version of your tool.

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