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She and her best friend Brittany take Randa, a new Muslim student who recently immigrated from the Middle Eastunder their wing.Kimberly's home life is troubled; her bigoted and disaffected father Hank, an electronics executive, shows little interest in her life, while her vapid stepmother, Kathy, constantly attempts to reprimand her for her coarse language and attitude.Meanwhile, Kimberly's exposure is making her a tabloid darling.Pretty Persuasion tries to round out Kimberly's character by giving her a dysfunctional home life.Shortly after the trial begins, Kimberly has a sexual encounter with Emily.

This causes a firestorm of controversy to swirl around the school.

Pretty Persuasion is a 2005 American black comedy/satirical film about a 15-year-old schoolgirl who makes an allegation of sexual harassment against her drama teacher.

The film's tagline is: "Revenge knows no mercy." It was written by Skander Halim and directed by Marcos Siega.

If you don't believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Im sure youve noticed how guys who are naturally successful with women dont seem to screw things up very often Somehow, in some way or form, they just seem to end up with the women all of the other guys want Its like they can grab the attention of any woman they choose and keep her "clinging" on to them for as long as they want to...

without needing any techniques or "lines" to help them do it. But know this --- Interaction in itself consists of a few key elements: Approaching women and starting conversations, using body language to flirt, create "tension" and attraction, conversation & persuasion skills to build rapport/trust with women, and smoothly transitioning into getting physical without rejection...

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Her father James Woods is a vicious bigot who treats his daughter like an annoyance.

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