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This means at least one person you know—a co-worker, friend or relative—has fucked multiple humans while in a relationship and with their partner’s permission.In many queer circles, consensual nonmonogamy has become so standard it may be discussed before dating or even meeting, in the form of disclaimers on online dating profiles.Last year, Dani and Robert, both age 33, split after 14 years together. First came brief stints on dating apps, which were quickly abandoned for the decidedly less turbid milieu of their friends group.To many, they appeared to be typical high school sweethearts who had grown apart. Dani dated an acquaintance; they swung with another couple; that foursome eventually became a triad.

Thus polyamory has become increasingly visible—but not necessarily in a comprehensive way. To understand why as a culture we’re so curious about open relationships, you need to know how we got here.

You can be “monogamish” (mostly monogamous with occasional excursions), “hierarchical” (maintaining primary and secondary partners) or “polyfidelitous” (faithful to more than one partner).

Some lifestyles coalesce around shared responsibilities of the household, kids or caretaking; others around sex.

Today our laws protect sex as something practiced between consenting adults.

#Me Too has expanded the notion of consent into enthusiastic consent—the idea that a partner should not only agree but be thrilled about it.

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As we know, consent is reshaping our legal, media and social landscapes.

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