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Here are seven things that happen to your boobs during sex.Once that arousal starts to kick in, because your breasts are an erogenous zone on the body, they immediately become more sensitive to the touch.This is a combination of the breasts becoming engorged with blood which results in the size change.Sometimes an areola can swell so much that it can look like the nipples are no longer erect ― which isn’t the case.

Not only do your boobs increase in size, but so do your areola during sex.While you may not be able to actually smell it on a conscious level, both you and your partner will be able to detect it, not even realize it, and you’ll become even more sexually attracted to each other.When the breasts are fondled, by hand or mouth, the stimulation of the nipples send a memo to the brain telling it that it's time to release oxytocin.What this means is if you’re struggling to orgasm, stimulating both areas can help in achieving climax. The combination of estrogen rushing through the body and stimulation of the blood vessels leads to a pink rash that shows up both underneath the breasts, as well as on the sides of them.In fact, there are some women who can come from nipple stimulation alone. This pink color can also spread to the upper stomach and neck.

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