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Born as Paulina Mary Jean Gretzky in the year 1988, on 19 December, Paulina Gretzky is a model, pop singer, as well as pejoratively famous.

Paulina is well-known on her own; we’ve posted on her many, many times before she and Johnson were engaged.

Gretzky even posed with USGA staff members after the tournament without Johnson.

So while you may not agree with what she was wearing, that is your right, but it is also her right to wear whatever she wants.

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According to what is apparently still common sentiment, we expect them to be the ultimate cheerleader — and look flawless for the games — but not have dresses that are too short, like Gretzky.

To expect them to show less emotion or wear things that please the masses is hypocrisy.

They, like us, are entitled to their own opinions, and who’s to say Paulina wearing that dress is any less appropriate than J. Smith strutting his stuff around shirtless for a week?

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