Outlook calendar not updating mobileme

The file storage also worked well, and now has a feature that allows you to share files too large to email.

And each Mobile Me account works with an unlimited number of computers, i Phones and Touches. While Mobile Me works with Windows, it works better with Macs.

The only glitch I ran into, which Apple is promising to fix, is that when I switched my i Phone to sync with Mobile Me, it wiped out all the custom ringtones I had assigned to particular contacts.

Apple’s price may seem high, given that you can get some features for much less, even free.

The only problem was that Mobile Me, which costs a year after a 60-day free trial, and is available at Mobile Me.com, was so buggy and ragged that I couldn’t recommend it. So, I have just spent a few weeks testing it again on multiple Windows and Mac computers, and an i Phone. Apple has fixed all of the speed and reliability issues I encountered last year.

Also, there’s no way to create limited access to allow an assistant or family member to use just your Mobile Me online calendar.

In the case where you don't have a specific failure message or error, it's often best to isolate where the problem lies.

If you were using i Cloud, I would recommend you add a contact from your computer then log into the web interface of i Cloud to see that the change propagates to the cloud.

However, Mobile Me now finally does a fast, reliable job of syncing calendar and contact items.

In my tests, I was repeatedly successful in doing this in a variety of scenarios.

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