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Many of the expat women in Qatar are homemakers who have travelled for the sake of their husband’s jobs and have suddenly found that they don’t have to “make home” in Qatar.House help is widely available at a reasonable price – one of the great benefits of living here, particularly for those with young children.Those things taken into account, both men and women should realise that Qatari society is engaged in a constant balancing act between the traditional and modern.

It should be kept in mind that these relationships can often be like the first friends one has at university: initially, they’re necessary and welcome, but people may eventually want to branch out, as expat communities can feel claustrophobic with people living and working very closely together.

Most of the groups (and people in general) are used to welcoming new arrivals and are very good at making fresh assignees feel welcome.

If a new arrival doesn’t find a group for their particular interest, it is fairly easy to start one.

This means covering the arms, at least with short sleeves, and wearing dresses, skirts and shorts that come past the knee.

Dressing appropriately in Qatar will also ensure that expat women will avoid being stared at, or attracting other unwelcome attention from men while out in the city (men, often far from their wives and families, greatly outnumber women in Doha).

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