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What’s unnatural is preventing and discouraging women from reaching their full physical potential in the name of femininity.

Muscle is associated with male bodies and therefore with masculinity.

My guy likes the fact I'm strong and used to wrestle and kick box.

Granted, he is likely stronger than me because when we were play wrestling he easily pinned me down.

Appreciate the hard work and commitment and we will be ok 🙂 Lots of love…

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and to all the other crazy single female bodybuilders I am privileged to know and hang out with). You’re just going to have to keep trying your luck. I hear most of my male BB friends say that their sex-drive takes a nose-dive during a bodybuilding diet. Could it be because we’ve now got more muscle mass and less body fat, our hormones are less “female” and more “male”? That’s a direct quote from a single FBB friend of mine. I’ve got brown hair, so my attitude to food is a bit less fiery, but essentially I agree. Oh – nearly forgot – do you want any cakes or muffins? ) If I ask you to tan me it doesnt mean you get sex.

Professional tennis playing sisters Serena and Venus Williams, who are currently in Australia for the summer tennis season, are good examples of female athletes who have received a lot of negative attention for their “thicker” arms and heavier-set, muscular bodies.You don't think it's kind of sad and lame for the guy's self-worth and masculinity to be wrapped up in how much stronger he is than his girlfriend? Why can't we be proud of each other's strengths instead of making that a reflection of our weakness? sure i work out sometimes and i think im pretty strong for my size, but i don't think i could possibly be attracted to a guy weaker than me a long distance runner though and can usually beat them in long races considering i actually practice for that and they exboyfriend, an apparent weakling at 6'2" slender with 2t 4t hips ( i could fit a kids 6-8 at the time on the bottom and his hips were narrower than mine) got angry once and pulled a concrete reinforced 4 phone outside phone st And out of the ground.tha's the bit that scares people, if they think you're going to abuse them or be violent.

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