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We sort of expected that Cache would be the next competitive map to go because of creator FMPONE’s irregular tweets about an ongoing facelift.

However, not many would have predicted that Vertigo would be its replacements, and so far it seems like the incredulous reactions to the announcement were borne out by the skirmishes we’ve seen so far in competitive play on the map.

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There’s a fairly long period of adaptation with every new map, and even the reintroduction of old stalwarts like Inferno or Dust 2 took a while until certain pro teams turned them into their home map.Its about planting the bomb and do 15 rounds of afterplants, it goes so much against what csgo require of teams and [email protected]_dev 2/2— Mathias Lauridsen (@MSLcsgo) May 17, 2019We’ve seen these problems elsewhere in the past and they ended up completely crippling a map: just like how Valve couldn’t figure out a way to create manageable CT holds on rotations on Cobblestone despite multiple reworks made to the castle and its surroundings, it feels like something similar is developing in the early Vertigo meta.Nuke’s always been extremely unbalanced, Cobblestone was rotated out and maps like Assault never even got a chance on the big stage.Even Overpass took a very long time to get right, and it’s the one where the verticality plays the smallest part overall: apart from B site itself, every other contact point is on the upper portion of the map, and unlike with Vertigo, eventual retakes can be approached from three to four different angles and heights on both bombsites. So far, it’s not looking good, but the developers are to be commended for the rigorous update schedule and the constant tweaks to its current, clearly sub-optimal state.

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