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More dividend distribution means more earnings for the stockholders and would attract more potential investors.

To the extent that a distribution is made from the corporation’s earnings and profits, it is taxed to the shareholder as a dividend.[1] The portion of the distribution that is not considered a dividend is applied first to reduce the shareholder’s basis in the corporation’s stock.[2] Any remaining portion is treated as gain from the sale or exchange of property (capital gain).[3] Important Note: If a shareholder assumes a liability or takes property subject to a liability, the amount of the distribution is reduced by the amount of the liability.[4] Special rules also apply at the corporate level.[5] Special rules apply to distributions to a shareholder in exchange for the shareholder’s stock (redemptions).

Instead of being treated as dividends, redemptions are treated as a sale or exchange of the stock by the shareholder.[6] The distinction can be important when the long-term capital gains rates (which apply to redemptions) are higher than the tax rates on dividends.

In stock dividend declaration in the Philippines, the stockholder will receive the shares of stock of such corporation declaring the dividends.

In effect, the stockholder will own more shares after the stock dividend declaration in the Philippines but its percentage of ownership or equity in such corporation may not increase.

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Source of stock dividend could be unissued shares of stock of the corporation requiring an application for exemptions from the Securities Regulation Code (SRC Exemption under SRC Rule 10.1) or from the increase of capitalization in the Philippines requiring an SEC approval on the increase of authorized capital stock.

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