Liquidating a limited company

This means that if the distributions are less than £25,000 then 'capital treatment' automatically applies, however if they are in excess of £25,000 they are treated as income in the shareholders' hands.Even following the new rules, assets distributed under a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) are still taxed on the shareholders' as capital, which is why this has now become the most popular method for contractors to close their company.

The date of such financial statements must be the date of the second shareholders' meeting (i.e., the confirming meeting).

Getting some closure: How to shut down your limited company For contractors that need to close their limited: we look at how to achieve a clean and tidy separation.

Closing your Limited Company with a low tax bill Expert advice on how to extract cash when closing down your company.

The second meeting must be held not less than fourteen days and not more than six weeks from the date of the first meeting, unless a longer notice period is required by the Articles of Association of the company.

File the relevant application documents together with copies of the special resolutions with the Company and Partnership Registration Office, Commercial Registration Department, Ministry of Commerce, within fourteen days from the date of the second shareholders' meeting.

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Instead, it asks the liquidator to keep the books and notify the Registrar of such fact by letter.)The liquidation process takes approximately one to two years to complete, depending on the number of years the company had been in operation and whether its books were properly maintained and tax returns filed as required by law. Chaninat & Leeds, also helped to develop materials for this website.

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