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(TV: The Man Who Never Was) All the while, she hoped that she would run into the Doctor again, believing he may be involved with stopping any alien threats that were beyond her ability to thwart.

(PROSE: Managra) When Sarah was a little older than eighteen, she was studying at university.

Along with her companions, a statue would be erected in her honour.

(PROSE: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) Sarah Jane Smith was born in May 1951 in the village of Foxgrove (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith) under the astrological sign of Taurus.

(PROSE: Playtime) In 1964, Sarah had already decided to become an explorer, a famous scientist or a journalist. She wanted to see everything there was to see and more. Sarah thought she was such a good student because she kept reading books like An Unexpurgated History of the Universe. ) On 13 July 1964, Sarah was on a school outing with Andrea, who slipped off a pier to her death.

Her best friend Andrea Yates told her that women couldn't become journalists but Sarah believed that the world was going to change and that soon women could do anything that men could. The Trickster later altered this event to create a timeline in which Sarah died rather than Andrea. In the normal timeline, the event changed Sarah, impressing on her the importance of life. She also met one of her future companions, Maria Jackson, due to Krislok's blunder and was given a vague warning about Andrea's death before being taken hostage again. (PROSE: Housewarming) She had two childhood friends called Billy and Julie.

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