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Stars: Alex Corea, Erin Steeby Alex breaks down the geometry of an epic rooftop fail, Erin competes to decode bad cosplay in Trivia Attack, and a trashy ex drops by to surprise Alex with the secret she's been harboring for nine months.Stars: Alex Corea, Rob Fee, Erin Steeby Alex and Erin test their skills on some of the Internet's weirdest indie games, fend off a murderous bush, and butt butts with the villains of Darksouls in an epic booty-controlled showdown.Plus, which host will be the victor for road trip hacks?And Nurse Hackie has the cure for itchy bites, if she can stay sober long enough to find it.Stars: Joseph D Fisher, Kevin Pereira, Amanda Van Nostrand, Brooke van Poppelen Skip a trip to the spa with a facial hack you can find in any schoolkid's book bag and learn how to treat yourself like it's your birthday, any day of the year.Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen Brooke and Kevin meet their toughest challenge yet when they use hacks to game a polygraph test, and it gets hot and heavy in the OR when Dr. Plus, Kevin learns how to defend himself with a smartphone.

Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Paul Sigwerth, Tony Sam Kevin and Brooke find out if a salty hack will stop slippery shoes in their tracks, Brooke turns an ex's bad taste in vinyl records into a fun candy bowl, and Kevin gets to the bottom of some manipulative grocery store hacks.Plus, learn some hacks to go undercover when the Cold-Blooded Hacker tries to swipe some bling.Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Rach Lerman Brooke and Kevin learn ways to game the system with parking, and the Lazy Cook returns with a recipe for bringing old mac and cheese back to life.Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Nate Leykam, Caleb Thomas Brooke and Kevin go head-to-head testing out hacks to make your pool party the event of the year. n." Stars: Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen, Katt Balsan, Alexandra Lemus Have Kevin and Brooke finally found the hacked pool of their dreams in "Hack or Wack"?Then, they put a bug-saving hack to the test, and Kevin steps into a wrestling ring to learn some confidence-boosting hacks. And in "Hack Line of Defense," rude teenagers will no longer spoil the mood, thanks to hacks that will keep them on the straight and narrow.

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