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They drafted a policy document to be used to engage with policymakers both at the national and county levels to ensure disability is mainstreamed.

The document was validated by national and county government officials and representatives from the Technical Working Group in November 2017 to be circulated to county and national governments.

The findings revealed women and girls with disabilities were missing in all development and leadership spheres and much more in political participation.

In 2017 we educated women with disabilities from 47 counties about election laws and empowered them to participate in electoral processes.

And definitely, Susan was that amazing lady that would one day come into his life and love him unconditionally regardless of his physical disability.

In a recent interview with Nairobi news publication, Njogu revealed that their love was at sight.

Accessing education was my first hurdle but I somehow managed to study through to college and attained a diploma in community development.

The next hurdle was finding employment, as the majority of the employers were reluctant to employ a disabled person when hundreds of other able-bodied candidates were competing for the same position.

These multiple social identities compound the difficulties for women with disabilities to fully engage in political, social and civic processes.My parents considered school as an option but later took me after my younger brother.Pity and empathetic stares became my companion from that age.A resolution was also passed and signed during the meeting to have it as a working document for representatives of persons with disabilities in both county and national government.In 2018 we mapped out counties to engage to identify their priority areas for persons living with disabilities under the P2P project.

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Drawing from my experiences and those of other persons with disabilities, a few like-minded women and I formed the Women Challenged to Challenge organization to advocate for issues of women living with disability.

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