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She remembers going to church every Sunday with her family and enjoying her childhood in York.Inspired by acting from an early age, Judi was more exposed to it when she was studying as a child at the local Mount School.Unfortunately Ms Dench was in attendance at the Berlin Film Festival and couldn't attend the Awards ceremony, but was able to send a televised message congratulating the charity on its 50th anniversary.Even after winning so many acting awards, she still admits to being insecure and wanting to improve the next performance.

With her daughter married as well, Judi is a grandma of Sam Williams who was born in 1971.

Her work has earned her a lots of fans and fame, alongside some precious awards and nominations for BAFTA, Oscar etc.

In order to know more about her, you can either follow her on her Twitter or Facebook or also read her biography on sites like Wikipedia or IMDB. By 2015, her estimated net worth is about 35 million US dollars.

She received an ACE award for her performance in the television series Mr. When Royal Shakespeare Company Director Peter Hall asked Judi Dench to play the title role in a staged, and then later televised, production of Cleopatra, Dench refused, saying that her Cleopatra would be a "menopausal dwarf." Director Hall was later successful in coaxing Dench into the role, of which she won rave reviews from both theatre critics and TV audiences.

Her 1999 Oscar was awarded for an six-minute performance in only four scenes as "Queen Elizabeth I" in Armunud Shakespeare (1998).

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