Jimbo s dating dilemmas erogenous zones

She giggles at first, but once she gets past the tickle response, it’s totally hot.

A light touch is all you need to turn the tickle to totally titillating.

For some sexy aural action that’s sure to please, try lightly kissing, licking, or nibbling your partner’s earlobes.

You can also take advantage of those sensory receptors by whispering or lightly blowing into their ear for more tingly feels.

Trace around the areola before moving onto the nipple and sucking, licking, and even flicking. If your partner likes it rough, graze the nipple with your teeth. Trace the shape of their lips with your tongue before moving to a slow, wet kiss, or gently suck or nibble on their bottom lip.

When it comes to the neck, even the slightest touch can make your entire body tingle.

To amp up the pleasure, run your fingernails lightly over the scalp, paying special attention to the space behind the ears and just above the neck. Gentle tugging can send waves of pleasure through the body.

When it comes to erogenous zones, it isn’t all about the nips, nubs, and slits.

Massaging the area in an up and down motion can indirectly stimulate the labia and clitoris.

If your partner is receptive to more, move on to kissing the area, then use the tip of your tongue to lick your way down.

Here are some unlikely pleasure points that are often overlooked.

The scalp is full of nerve endings, and even the slightest brush of the hair can send tingles through your body.

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If you’re playing with yourself, massage or vibe to up your arousal.

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