Internalized racism and dating

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“High yellow, light-skinned, redbone, Oreo.”“Purple black, blue black, midnight, monkey.”Before I heard some of these phrases and slurs spew from the mouths of white people, I first knew them within my own community of Black school kids.

As a youth with no real understanding of “colorism” – – I felt confusion, shame, and pain around my skin color and the story it told.

“team light skin”) are proof that white supremacy and racist systems are operating exactly how they were intended to.

There is no denying the impact this had on me – I had deeply hurt feelings.

But I also still, regardless of my hurt, had access and privilege that my peers did not because of the systemic oppression they experienced.

Some were even offered the skills and opportunity to work off of the plantation so they could purchase their freedom.

Post slavery and throughout the Jim Crow era, Black churches, fraternities, sororities, and other organizations used the infamous “Brown paper bag test” – to discriminate against and exclude Black people with darker complexion.

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