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“The purpose of doing that is to give them a little bit of empowerment,” Batista says, “let them know they also have a voice and they can do something.” During the discussion about the fictional Nick and Caitlin, Luis Campos was the first to offer a solution. I wouldn’t use violence,” said Luis, a junior at Aviation High School in Long Island City.“We are going to talk it out.” Luis recalled another member of the group took the boyfriend’s side and tried to justify the violence.Each had experienced some level of domestic violence in their households, and all of them were Batista’s clients in a previous individual counseling session.The meeting started with Batista distributing a handout describing a story in which a couple quarreled as the boyfriend was driving.Nick threatened to drive the car into the water as the pair traveled along a long two-lane bridge.

They are also looking to “break the cycle”—stop the generational repetition that often comes with victims of domestic abuse.

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Derived from real-life scenarios, the discussions help teenagers identify the warning signs of potential violence and the type of abusive behavior—physical, emotional, and financial—that are common in relationships.

For teenagers who grew up witnessing family violence, the borderline between love and abuse is often blurred, Batista says.

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