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Despite their most earnest attempts, the jury reaches a deadlock and is said to be hung.

In a case like this, what becomes of the trial itself? Any trial that ends in a hung jury is a waste of time and money for everyone concerned.

A courtroom jury in a criminal trial has one duty over all: To listen to the evidence, sift through the facts and come to a unanimous conclusion.

Often, though, a panel of jurors will reach an impasse, finding themselves unable to agree on the defendant’s guilt or innocence.

The hung jury can also benefit the legal teams on both sides of the equation, giving them the chance to review their strategies, learn from their mistakes, hone their arguments and build stronger cases in preparation for the next go-round.

Jurors said their debate took on a nearly religious fervor at times.

Such defendants will always face the chance of going to trial a second trial on the original charges.

Through the concept of double jeopardy, the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the law from retrying a defendant more than once for the same offense after a panel of jurors has either acquitted or convicted him.

In any criminal case, the jury most come to a unanimous agreement on the defendant’s guilt or innocence.

If they cannot, there are no halfway measures to protect the defendant or give him any break.

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