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She was literally shocked at how large it was and kept slapping it against the outside of her cheek.

I pulled out as she came and annouced that I was to be finishing on her face. A triumph for me, content in my actions, her legs still shaking, it was incredibly intense and taboo at the moment. I think the overbearing fact that she had a boyfriend was weird for me as well. They would invite girls from the class for some drinks and talks. She was part of a group of people that I met with after class, real smart guys all history majors l, years older than us and married.I figured this girl has been in class all day, was at a bar, and now has the entire day of self-produced bodily fluids now contained in her paste-box.She seemed fine with the choice, after I stopped she leaned up and said “no marks.” I haply agreed to which she then exclaimed “you can do anything you want” “Anything?

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