High cpu 0 resource child updating esx 3 02

A VDI sources will not look any different from a regular VMs.The features added by this Zen Pack can be summarized as follows. The following components will be automatically discovered through the v Center address, username and password you provide.When combined with the Zenoss Service Dynamics product, this Zen Pack adds built-in service impact and root cause analysis capabilities for services running on VMware v Sphere.The service impact relationships shown in the diagram and described below are automatically added.Events collected through this mechanism will be timestamped based on the time they occurred within v Center. You can optionally configure each monitored v Sphere account to attempt to discover and monitor the guest Linux or Windows operating systems running within each VM.This requires that your Zenoss system has the network and server access it needs to monitor the guest operating system.

To keep resulting diagram in reasonable size it includes only the next components: v SAN has self-monitoring for a large number of configuration, performance, and availability issues.The properties and relationships will be continually maintained by way of a persistent subscription to v Sphere’s updates API.Attributes: Resource Pool Count, v App Count, Effective Host Count, Host Count, CPU Core Count, CPU Thread Count, Effective CPU, Total CPU, Effective Memory, Total Memory, Overall Status, v SAN Cluster UUID, v SAN Disk Type, v SAN Version Attributes: Guest Name, UUID, Is Template, CPU Count, Memory, Operating System Type, MAC Addresses, Overall Status, Power State, Connection State, VMware Tools Version, VMware Tools Status, Hardware Version, Committed Storage, Uncommitted Storage, IP, DNS Name, Inventory Path, Snapshots, Number of Snapshots, Policy Compliance Status, v SAN VM UUIDAttributes: Overall Status, Connection State, Power State, Hostname, Management IP Addresses, Total Memory, In Maintenance Mode, Hypervisor Version, Vendor, Model, UUID, CPU Model, CPU Speed, CPU Package Count, CPU Core Count, VM Count, Powered On VM Count, Suspended VM Count, Powered Off VM Count, v SAN Node UUID, v SAN Fault Domain, v SAN Disk Type, v SAN Health Status, v SAN Node State, v SAN Master Statestats Back End: oio, congestion, iops Read, iops Rec Write, iops Resync Read, iops Write, lat Avg Resync Read, latency Avg Read, latency Avg Rec Write, latency Avg Write, throughput Read, throughput Rec Write, throughput Write, tput Resync Read (VSAN Performance)stats Back End: oio, congestion, read Congestion, write Congestion, rec Write Congestion, resync Read Congestion, iops, iops Read, iops Rec Write, iops Resync Read, iops Write, latency Avg, latency Avg Read, latency Avg Write, lat Avg Resync Read, latency Avg Rec Write, throughput, throughput Read, throughput Write, tput Resync Read, throughput Rec Write (VSAN Performance)stats: capacity Used, iops Dev Read, iops Dev Write, iops Read, iops Write, latency Dev Read, latency Dev Write, latency Read, latency Write, latency Dev GAvg, latency Dev DAvg, throughput Dev Read, throughput Dev Write (VSAN Performance)stats: capacity, capacity Reserved, capacity Used, wb Size, rc Size, comp Congestion, iops Congestion, slab Congestion, ssd Congestion, log Congestion, mem Congestion, iops Read, iops Write, iops Rc Read, iops Wb Write, iops Wb Read, iops Rc Write, latency Avg Read, latency Avg Write, latency Rc Read, latency Wb Write, latency Rc Write, latency Wb Read, oio Rec Write, oio Write, oio Rec Write Size, oio Write Size, latency Sched, latency Sched Queue Meta, latency Sched Queue NS, latency Sched Queue Rec, latency Sched Queue VM, iops Sched, iops Sched Queue Meta, iops Sched Queue NS, iops Sched Queue Rec, iops Sched Queue VM, throughput Sched, throughput Sched Queue Meta, throughput Sched Queue NS, throughput Sched Queue Rec, throughput Sched Queue VM, lat Resync Read, lat Resync Read Decom, lat Resync Read Fix Comp, lat Resync Read Policy, lat Resync Read Rebalance, lat Resync Write, lat Resync Write Decom, lat Resync Write Fix Comp, lat Resync Write Policy, lat Resync Write Rebalance, iops Resync Read, iops Resync Read Decom, iops Resync Read Fix Comp, iops Resync Read Policy, iops Resync Read Rebalance, iops Resync Write, iops Resync Write Decom, iops Resync Write Fix Comp, iops Resync Write Policy, iops Resync Write Rebalance, tput Resync Read, tput Resync Read Decom, tput Resync Read Fix Comp, tput Resync Read Policy, tput Resync Read Rebalance, tput Resync Write, tput Resync Write Decom, tput Resync Write Fix Comp, tput Resync Write Policy, tput Resync Write Rebalance, throughput Read, throughput Write (VSAN Performance)In addition, any other metric exposed by v Sphere may be added to a Zenoss monitoring template. It is critical to only add metrics that are applicable to the component that the template is bound to, and which are supported by the VMware instances you are monitoring.These will be included in any services that contain one or more of the explicitly mentioned components.Most of the impacts described above follow the default policy of a node being in the worst state of the nodes that impact it.

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For example, a datacenter failure will imply that all related hosts are also failed.

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