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Young people who talked politics were nicknamed Marx Girls and Marx Boys, reflecting their likely political leanings. Art-Deco Theaters, Opera Houses and flashy hotels were opened everywehere to service Japans growing middle and upper classes, which included an increasing number of Journalists which was a rising profession.Universities and Higher education were also becoming more common (the first womens university in Japan opened in 1918) and liberal and communist ideas filled their halls.Japan had also had its share of the spoils of war, with new possessions in China and the Pacific as well as a seat at the League of Nations Security Council.Japan was also an increasingly liberal and progressive country.This back and forth push between Democracy and Authoritarianism characterized the government of the Taisho Era.One interesting Characteristic of later Taisho Japan is that the intellectual thing became supporting Fascism, Imperialism and Authoritarianism.

Late 1920s Tokyo was similar, except Japans greatest intellectuals gathered to talk about utter devotion to the emperor and other authoritarian concepts.

Japanese imperialism in China and Korea was popular at home.

Stunning amounts of Propaganda (It really make any exact statements, but take my word for it when I say the level of propaganda was incredible) filled Japan and lifted the millitary up in Japanese society.

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With this in mind, its easy to see how the seemingly strong Taisho Democracy was balanced on a knifes edge and collapsed so easily.

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