Furry dating sim

He's joined by five friends, who grew up with him in Echo, taking the chance to have a little reunion.

Unfortunately, Chase begins to realize that their memories of Echo may have been a bit rose-tinted.

One hour can easily become several if this is your kind of game.

Along for the ride are his friends, some of whom are romantic options for him, as well as his own personal narrator, whom he just met that morning.

The RPG Maker series is very popular, but there are others.

Recently, a game being developed in Fighter Maker became notorious for including characters owned by Hasbro (and was subsequently shut down by lawyers).

I know his narrator was intended by the developer to be female, but I couldn't help imagining her as having the voice of George Takei instead.

Occasionally, I would read out the narrator's lines as I played in as close to a George Takei voice as I could because let's face it, he's pretty easy to imitate.

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These days, there are plenty of free and/or consumer-level tools to make most genres of games.

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