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“I went back to the listing, thinking, ‘Surely all of these reviews are wrong,’” he said.

But the product was unavailable — “like the company was rolling these protectors out in batches, then taking them off Amazon.”Amazon removed the screen protector listing after a Buzz Feed News inquiry, but two other listings with nearly identical product photography have more than 550 and 150 reviews each, all of which include a five-star rating and are unverified.

Meanwhile, the 36,629-member /r/slavelabour subreddit, which is dedicated to getting “jobs done well below market rate,” has a formalized process for posting opportunities for would-be Amazon reviewers.

Sellers post “tasks” that include leaving positive reviews on their products — or one-star reviews on competitors’ products.

Frustrated, Votaw asked Amazon for a refund for the unreturnable product, which has a sticky, adhesive backing and can’t be reused.But the problem with paid-for reviews is that they make it difficult for consumers — even savvy ones — to know if what they’re buying is actually good or bad.In December, Kevin Votaw of Fort Collins, Colorado, ordered a highly rated Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector for using his girlfriend’s Amazon Prime account.CEO Jeff Bezos recently revealed the company counts more than 100 million paying Amazon Prime members globally, the 9-per-year membership that gets subscribers — the most devoted Amazon customers — free two-day shipping; music, TV, and movie streaming; access to an e-book library; and more.The company operates 13 third-party seller marketplaces around the world, and rents space to house those sellers’ inventory in more than 150 warehouses.

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One morning in late January, Jake picked up the box on his desk, tore through the packing tape, unearthed the i Phone case inside, snapped a picture, and uploaded it to an Amazon review he’d been writing. They are part of an extensive, invisible workforce fueling a review-fraud economy that persists in every corner of the largest marketplace on the internet.

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